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Instructions for use of Extended Life GOLD PLUS HD FLEET Motor Oils

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For All Engines, Gas or Diesel

Excluding brand new (>10,000 miles)

  1. Check Manufacturers recommended oil weight for vehicle- follow manufacturers’ recommendation for weight & change intervals.
  2. Remove the negative cable from the negative post of the battery during oil change prior to changing the oil and filter. The entire process should be for no less than 30 minutes.
  3. Remove drain plug from engine allowing old used oil to drain completely.
  4. While oil is draining, remove old used oil filter. Discard according to current EPA/OSHA recommendations for hazardous material storage and disposal.
  5. Place new oil on end of finger and wipe gasket on new oil filter prior to placing on engine. Tighten to manufacturers' specification.
  6. After all old used oil has completely drained from engine, replace oil drain plug and tighten to manufacturers' specification torque. Do not over tighten.
  7. Fill engine with manufacturers' recommended amount of new GOLD PLUS engine oil. Check dipstick during fill to ensure proper amount to fill mark.
  8. Always check for leaks and pull dipstick to ensure engine has correct level of new oil in engine.
  9. Run engine for 10 minutes to "seat" new oil in and then re-check for proper level and any signs of leaks.
  10. Wipe any excess or spilled fluids prior to running of engine.
  11. Diesel engines with 100- 350 H.P. recommended change intervals of 30,000 miles/500 hours with an oil filter change @ 15,000 miles/250 hours. NOT recommended change interval for FORD 6.0 POWERSTROKE- 5,000 miles ONLY, check frequently.
  12. Diesel Engines 350- 600 H.P. recommended change intervals of 40,000 miles/650 hours with an oil filter change @ 20,000 miles/325 hours.
  13. Gasoline engines any H.P. recommended change intervals of 10,000 miles/150 hours with an oil filter change @ 5,000 miles/75 hours.
  14. Always clean or replace engine air filters at manufacturers recommended intervals to ensure maximum life of motor oil.
  15. During any P/M service, it is recommended to check and inflate all tires to recommended proper air pressures.
  16. Never use GOLD PLUS motor oil for break in of a new or newly re-built engine. All engine and manufacturers have different chacteristics. Check engine oil every time you fuel your vehicle. If oil becomes black or dirty, change immediately upon color change, do NOT wait.
  17. NEVER EXTEND THE FIRST DRAIN INTERVAL WITH GOLD PLUS MOTOR OIL. Always change at normal interval the first change- we clean an engine of all former oil. AFTER the first change, then you may extend, but always take a sample to ensure the condition of your engine.

The above change instructions should be followed on any and all engines when changing from conventional motor oils, synthetics, etc. to GOLD PLUS motor oil.

If  a sample of the old engine motor oil for lab analysis conducted and recommended, make sure the Technician waits 3 seconds after the drain plug is removed on larger capacity (more than 5 gallons) vehicles/engines prior to catching a sample in the sample bottle, 2 seconds on smaller capacity (less than 5 gallons). This will ensure a truer sample rather than the oil that has been sitting in the bottom of the drain pan. Technicians also need to fill out all lines on sample paperwork correctly and entirely for accuracy of reporting. Failure to follow these instruction may void the product warrantee and cause a false report. Each vehicle changed is mandatory for an oil sample taken for product liability insurance to cover the vehicle engine being changed.


Recommended change intervals may vary due to several factors including the manufacturers' suggested for maximum engine life. GOLD PLUS is a fully 100% pure petroleum heavy duty engine oil with extended life, extended change intervals, and additional lubrication qualities over most motor oils. Individual driving practices, additional stop & go traffic, and higher heat temperatures may lead to shorter recommended change intervals. We apologize for all of the above instructions and disclaimers, we are only protecting ourselves from the less than professional. Thank you.




     Make sure oil is “cold” in engine before checking on dipstick- possible low reading if warm and has not sit long enough.

     When replacing old oil for change, DO NOT WARM UP ENGINE when GOLD PLUS motor oil is being changed, change cold- possible residual oil in engine may cause to overfill with new oil.

     ANY engine that has had a prior poor oil change schedule or you purchase a used engine and are not sure, check oil after changing to GOLD PLUS more frequently as GOLD PLUS is designed to keep an engine clean. Any old gunk, soot, combustion residue, or burned oil products WILL be removed and flow to the filter and oil pan. If the engine is equipped with an oil screen at the pump, it would be advised to check and clean prior to fill with new GOLD PLUS Motor Oil.


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