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Breaking News -Press Releases:

07/01/2015: New Address; 1433 N. 27th Lane, Phoenix, AZ.  85009

07/01/2015: Successfully moved into new facility! Growth last year of 528% forced us to re-locate and we are now back up to full production! Desert Street Scene Car Club has designated our Type R/Tuner oil as the 4,000 member Club oil of choice.

06/29/2015: Results for below fleet fuel mileage final is .7 mpg- a 10% increase! This fleet started with 36%, after audit, 13.7%, final after 1 year 10% which 10% is typical. The fleet was in a state of disrepair with multiple maintenance issues- all confirmed with oil samples.

06/25/2014: Preliminary reults are in on our 1st 1,000 unit fleet. 7 weeks of fuel mileage data on the 1st 6 trucks show a 36% increase. An audit is being completed to confirm the inital numbers as this is NOT typical of any prior testing. As this is Independent the validity must be confirmed prior to sharing with our Sales Staff- check back next week for confirmed results!

06/25/2014: Continued Dyno testing this week by EXTREME PERFORMANCE to show continued H.P. & Torque claims and consistency in results. More results posting next week.

06/24/2014: Second Dyno Test completed by EXTREME PERFORMANCE TUNING shows an almost 10 H.P. & Torque increase! With an average 2 m.p.g. increase in fuel mileage, we are finally proving our claims. Results posted to our Facebook page.

05/15/2014: First Dyno Test completed by EXTREME PERFORMANCE TUNING of Goodyear, AZ by Marty & Team. Our appreciation for his time and allowing us the opportunity to test. Second Dyno test to be scheduled in 2 weeks. We are using a 2013 Mustang GT 5.0 stock for tests. 352 Max. Power, 333 Max Torque average. Check back for second test results and comparisons. In addition, total sales for our first quarter of 2014 have increased 30% from first quarter 2013. We anticipate a 100% increase by end of second quarter 2014 versus 2013 second quarter. Congratulations to our family and we appreciate the support we have received from our Customers. Thank you!

     Check back, we are planning an "Open House"  in our new facility for our Vendors. Customers, Family, & Friends to show our appreciation for their hard work and efforts.


05/03/2014: New Address; 2419 N. Black Canyon Freeway # 19  Phoenix, AZ 85009. Looking for a "Golden" opportunity? We are creating jobs, give us a call to find out more about full & part time openings.


05/01/2014: $1.00 off of every gallon & $.0.25 off of every quart purchased before June 1, 2014. Call to get your discount today!

04/16/2014: New location for Golden Gear to call "Home." Centrally & conveniently located in Phoenix close to the I-17/I-10 interchange. Watch for the address and pictures to follow. Follow us on Facebook!


04/15/2014: Our first radio interview was a success with 2 winners of the call in drawing for an oil change with our GOLD PLUS 10W-30 engine oil. All callers ultimately won as we offered $1.00 off each gallon purchased. Congratulations to our winners! Since April is INCOME TAX month, we are extending the price discounts through the end of the month of April, 2014! Call in your order today; 623-910-1239 or 602-717-9528.


04/04/2014: Another test completed! Results for GOLD PLUS against the major brands- "our testing indicated you have a very good product, better than 90% of what is on the shelf today you have a place in the market depending on your advertising and marketing of your products." Without specifically naming all the other brands, there are very few Worldwide that can out-test us.


01/24/2014: We are officially on the shelves in our first retail location- Shell/Discount Zone 51st Ave S. of I-10 in Phoenix, AZ. Thanls to Owner Ahmjad for the opportunity!


01/23/2014: We are booked on radio for April 11, 2014 @ 3-3:15PM & May 23,2014 @ 4:15-4:30PM for 15 minutes of talk radio about our products, who we are, and what/why we are here. 16- 30 second advertisements on radio KFNX1100AM. Thanks to Carol Blonder with Networking Arizona & Michael O'Connor for the advertising opportunities. Do not miss the show to hear our story.


Golden Gear Lubricants, Inc. proudly introduces their new 40,000 mile truck oil: Golden Gear GOLD PLUS HD FLEET SAE 15W-40.  This heavy-duty diesel engine oil increases fuel economy by 10%-19%, horsepower by up to 10%, AND drain intervals up to 40,000 miles with a regular filter change at 20,000 miles by decreasing friction on all moving internal parts! GOLD PLUS is an extreme friction reduction motor oil that is proven to decrease engine wear by up to 50%. 


Save money while increasing the life of your engine by using Golden Gear GOLD PLUS Motor/Engine Oil.

Currently available in convenient one and five gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, 330 gallon totes, or up to 6,500 gallon bulk tanker & 20,000 gallon rail car. Capable of delivering anywhere in the World, Golden Gear Lubricants, Inc. is an innovative producer of "top shelf" motor oils, fuel additives, and lubricants. 


Golden Gear Lubricants, Inc. is NOT affiliated with ANY other oil Company and does not produce or sell any unleaded, diesel, or alternative fuel products. We do not have any interest in producing, selling, or 3rd party selling any product that is used as a total fuel product. While larger oil Companies historically have produced fuel & lubricant products, we believe that concept is a conflict of interest and that our Customers deserve the option to deal with a Company that has their total best interests. We do not need to sell more oil & fuel, only oil. Unfortunately, our best interests do not coincide with larger oil Companies best interests. We believe our Customers interests will continue to support us through our history. So far, truth has prevailed in our journey. 



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Highest Results

By offering the most economical solutions to the high cost of operating expenses of any vehicle. Proven to increase fuel mileage, increase horesepower, lower operating temperatures, decrease engine wear.


To surpass the competition with innovative cutting edge design technology, we have unlocked the newest technology to a greener environment with pure petroleum products.

New Possibilites

For both fleet Owners and the private public to use in all their vehicles, we are constantly testing and developing new products to meet the ever growing demands of todays newer vehicles. An average of 10% in fuel mileage savings can be as little as $180.00/year for the average motorist, or as much as $750.00 per truck for a fleet Owner in fuel costs alone. Call us today to schedule your custom presentation to see how our Fleet Expert can save you money today; 623-910-1239.


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At Golden Gear Lubricants, we work together to design, build, and place a product on the market based on our Customers needs. By listening to Customer challenges of todys increasing costs, we have delivered a higher efficiency product to offset those costs through energy efficient designs. Together, we can deliver what they want at a cost they can afford. By showing them the "real costs" and comparing to competitors, we are an "open book" to everyone else. By placing our Customers on our Team, we all grow in experience and knowledge.


We have over 30 years of experience consulting with leading companies in the automotive, truck, oil, & transportation industries. Our base oil Blender has been around 122 years, our additive package has been around since the 1950's. Whether you are looking for a consultation on cost reduction for a fleet or looking for a cost effective solution for rising fleet costs, we have the answers. Please contact us and learn how our experience can Partner with your company for cost effective solutions.


Assurance in our products through proof, testing, product liability insurance, and staff knowledgable in all areas of lubrication, transportation, supply chain solutions, and retail marketing. Our Customer has our assurance they are getting value in the products we offer! They have our word.